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How it works


During the last year our world has changed a lot and many small businesses had to change too. Mysoulmateplace took an almost 1-year break, but is now back and became even better: we are now a tiny curated marketplace for selected young brands and good designs. We launched in April 2021 with just several brands on our platform, but many more to come!
All of you know huge marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy... But our marketplace hardly can be compared to them - our market is a tiny and cozy curated platform and looks more like a small shop rather than an e-commerce giant.


1. You choose products you like on our website as usual.

2. Put it in the cart, go to check out.

3. Pay with a bank card or PayPal, receive a confirmation email.

4. Then, after some time (depending on what was stated in the product description - some items are ready to be shipped in 1-3 business days and other will be produced for you in 2-3 weeks) you get an email that your order was fulfilled and a tracking number (link).


Your order is sent directly and safely (with tracking number!) to you by our Sellers, not by Mysoulmateplace.


- If you can't find your country on the list - please contact us via direct messages or email ( and we'll help arrange your order :)

- When you pay - we (Mysoulmateplace) get your money and keep them till Seller “accepts” your Order (= confirms that item is ready for shipping or ready to be produced for you and that Seller is ready to fulfill this Order in a timely manner).

- We at Mysoulmateplace act as a buffer between you and Seller and may step in if something goes wrong.

- If for some reasons refund is agreed (for example shipping company lost your order or part of order), we (Mysoulmateplace) make a refund to you, so no headache waiting for a refund from abroad.

Please always read items description carefully!


Kind regards,

Mysoulmateplace Team